Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Pilowcase by Student

Hey Blogging World,

My student who I was teaching to hand sew advanced and I am now teaching her how to sew on the machine. She just made a..................... PILLOWCASE! I thought I would show it to you. She is so proud of it.

Fashionista Emily 


  1. Hi Emily! It's Bernice, the girl you met at the library. I gave you my number over Google Plus Hangout, are you able to see it? If not, you can email me at bernicefanchen@yahoo.com. Also, do you have a Facebook or Instagram?

    P.S. Your sewing skills are amazing!

  2. Her pillowcase is beautiful. She looks so happy and proud of herself. You are a great teacher. Your students are very blessed to have you for their teacher.