Monday, October 31, 2016

Steampunk Girl Robin Hood

Hey Blogging World,
Happy Reformation Day, Happy Halloween! Happy Fall! So I made my halloween costume and it turned out even better then I hoped it looks so awesome now I cant wait for you to see. So if you don't know already then I am going to be a Steampunk version of a girl Robin Hood. The outfit is complete with a corset and hooded cape.  I found a tutorial for a Fast Hooded Cape on It worked really well. 
Here are some pictures of the finished costume.

Here is a picture of a drawing I drew when I was designing what I wanted the costume to look like before I started making it. Doesn't the costume look so much how I wanted it to! I was so excited :)
I also drew on my leg to make it look like a robot leg for a steampunk look, and my lips and eyelids are a gold looking really awesome.
The gun by my side was only black and I painted it to make it look like pipes and stuff were on it.

Well I hope you like it 

Fashionista Emily



  1. Amazing, Emily. It turned out beautifully.

    1. Thank you! It is my favorite project I am really happy with it. It turned out just like the drawing I made before hand.

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