Saturday, September 14, 2013

The End of My Birthday

For the last of my dinner my dad took me out to texas roadhouse the food was great! But they found out it was my birthday and made me sit on the saddle horn. I am so stuffed. I LOVE YOU TEXAS ROADHOUSE.
                                                     Me on the saddle.
                                           Parting shot (God rays).

Over and out

Fashionista Emily

Friday, September 13, 2013

I'm 13 Yay!!!!!!

Hey people & Kimberly. I wanted to tell y'all about my birthday with lots of pictures!!! Ok, to start I was given $140 in spending money. And I went to tea with my mom at crossroads collection also we were matching which was pretty sweet. And then I went to sweet and sassy (believe me this is the best place to get your ears done) and got my ears pierced next we headed to the mall and I spent the day shopping and left with a lot of cute stuff. When I got home one of my really sweet neighbors brought me presents which included a kohl's $30 gift card, halloween earrings, a fun hair thing, and a real indian dream catcher, and A pair of gold hoop earrings. And my younger brother bought me a wii game for my birthday. 

pictures down below.

                               My pretty little cupcake.                      Pose for the Camera.
My Mom and I at tea.
                                                     They are going to shoot me, help help ;)
                                                    Yah my ears are pierced.
In front of sweet and sassy.
                                                         Having a blast at the mall.
 A Build-A-Bear.
                                                      The presents I bought.
                                               The adorable shirt I got at justice. 
My new ring and bracelet.
Blowing out the cake and eating it.
 Here is a picture of all the fun stuff I was given and I bought with my spending money
                                               She could not wait to go the baby clothing stores JK.
Over and out 

Fashionista Emily

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Hi Everbody

Y'all don't know me yet but my name is Emily (AKA Fashionista Emily) and this is my blog. It is about the four F's Fun, Fashion, Family, Friends, It is my 13th birthday this is my second blog I had one when I was 8 and I had it for 2 years but blogger deleted it. My old blog was super stitches and sewing sister but thats that. So I am back for the fun.
Me and my little brother and the pants I cut off short and then splashed with bleach.
I will talk to y'all later.

Fashionista Emily.