Saturday, September 17, 2016

I'm 16 Now!!!

Hey Blogging World, 
I am now 16. Woop woop! I would have posted on my birthday but as you probably know I was kinda busy on my birthday.  Anyway it was a lot of fun I had a party the Saturday before my birthday (my birthday was Monday)  I did a bunch of fun stuff for my party including a Airsoft war in the morning and a shaving cream slide later in the day and inbetween we played a ton of fun games.  I will post more pictures later when I get them from my dad. But here are a few. 

The Airsoft War in the morning. This is not a posed picture my dad took it of me when I was scouting.

My Candy Buffet

Playing Ballon Pop Version Of Truth Or Dare

Hunger games Ballon War


I made and Decorated my Own Cake
Theme of
Guns & Glamour

Even Google Wished Me happy Birthday

Birthday Breakfast on Monday 
Bacon Roses, Poptarts and Mini Donuts

Don't forget I will post More pictures later
Fashionista Emily

Friday, September 2, 2016

Cutting My Hair

Hey Blogging World,
Wanted to let you know I am cutting my hair (finally I have been trying to convince my parents for forever) Anyway I am excited i will add a picture of my newly shorn hair later today. I am donating a ponytail to probably Pantene Beautiful Lengths
My Mom insisted on taking pictures of my hair before I cut it so here is a picture from that. To those of you who remember me when I was eight and tiny and had my blog Sewing sister. Well I grew up.

Here are the pictures during the cut and after

Well there you have it is been done. 
As always 
Fashionista Emily