Friday, August 28, 2015

New Projects Finished From My Student

Hey Blogging World, 
One of my students just finished a new  project!  She did such a great job. She is so proud of it.  She made a Bible cover. Hope you enjoy. 
Fashionista Emily 

Reversible Vest By Student

Hey Blogging World,
One of my students just finished a project we have been working on. She made a reversible vest. One side is pink and one is white it looks so cute. Hope y'all enjoy the pictures :)

                       Fashionista Emily 

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Children's Museum Trip

My family & I went to the children's museum. I thought I would show y'all pictures of us there. We Had a great time.
Samantha playing Legos

                          Me at air tunnels

Samantha & martin at the air tunnels

Samantha playing with toy cars 

One of Samanthas favorite things in the Museum

 Looking in the mirror
Me Pulling the tablecloth off of a table without making the dishes fall
               Matthew practicing juggling
        Martin showing off his card throwing skills
Family Picture at the end of the day (minus my dad because he took it)

Well thats all the pictures for now talk to y'all later.  I will have a sewing post for y'all soon. 

Fashionista Emily