Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Real Tree Pants Fix

Hey Blogging World,

I found a pair of real tree brand pants at goodwill it usually costs $90 I found it for $7 they were too big and too long (They were men's size 30) though so I hemmed to the bottom up about 4 inches and sewed the sides thinner & the crotch higher. Now they fit. I would never be able to afford pants that expensive and I got them for 7 bucks!!!!!


During the process 
Turned inside out then marked were I was going to sew

Pinned it

Sew on the lines
Cut off the excess fabric. About a half an inch from the stitches

Zig Zag on the edge to prevent fraying 

Hem the bottoms up 4 inches



Over all it worked out awesome. 
Talk to you later

Fashionista Emily