Friday, September 13, 2013

I'm 13 Yay!!!!!!

Hey people & Kimberly. I wanted to tell y'all about my birthday with lots of pictures!!! Ok, to start I was given $140 in spending money. And I went to tea with my mom at crossroads collection also we were matching which was pretty sweet. And then I went to sweet and sassy (believe me this is the best place to get your ears done) and got my ears pierced next we headed to the mall and I spent the day shopping and left with a lot of cute stuff. When I got home one of my really sweet neighbors brought me presents which included a kohl's $30 gift card, halloween earrings, a fun hair thing, and a real indian dream catcher, and A pair of gold hoop earrings. And my younger brother bought me a wii game for my birthday. 

pictures down below.

                               My pretty little cupcake.                      Pose for the Camera.
My Mom and I at tea.
                                                     They are going to shoot me, help help ;)
                                                    Yah my ears are pierced.
In front of sweet and sassy.
                                                         Having a blast at the mall.
 A Build-A-Bear.
                                                      The presents I bought.
                                               The adorable shirt I got at justice. 
My new ring and bracelet.
Blowing out the cake and eating it.
 Here is a picture of all the fun stuff I was given and I bought with my spending money
                                               She could not wait to go the baby clothing stores JK.
Over and out 

Fashionista Emily

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  1. Happy birthday, sweet girl. You are a blessing. I love you. Mommy.